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More Than Just Pretty Pictures
The experts at DEEL! Media combine art & technology to deliver the right menu to the right customer at the right time. This targeted merchandising leads to increased per check revenue and happy customers!
Digital Menus

The promise of digital menu systems is to increase sales by allowing restaurants to target their menu mix by location, day-of-week & day part, a feat that´┐Żs virtually impossible with traditional static signage. Along with a targeted presentation, the menu must display beautiful food imagery that is appealing to enhance consumer appetite. Now´┐?extend these concepts to hundreds, even thousands of stores, and you have one of the most complex expressions of digital signage present in the market today. Our digital menu solutions are designed to mask this complexity, allowing for a unique menu presentation, and offering unlimited advance promotional scheduling. Features include:- Drive multi-screen menu boards using single media player.

  • Unique presentation per location including menu item pricing, day parting, menu mix and store schedule
  • Schedule supports unique days of the week and as many day parts as necessary per day
  • Unlimited advance scheduling of content, promotions and LTO's
  • System can be integrated with POS, Back Office, external data feeds...virtually any data source
  • Presentation can react to triggers from external systems such as inventory, weather, or customer interaction
  • Template builder allows for creation of dynamic menu templates
  • 100% brower-based user interface
Digital Merchandisers & Movie Posters
Whether you need to display the latest limited time offer POP or a movie that´┐Żs ´┐Żnow showing,´┐?our digital poster platform is an easy and compelling way to engage consumers. We can work with you to design custom display surrounds that seamlessly integrate with your brand-image and design animated content that demands attention. Our digital movie poster solution can be used with your box office system to automatically display the appropriate posters with no manual intervention required.

Digital Box Office Displays
Gone are the days of those boring old red or amber LED marquees. Our LCD box office displays present title art, movie times, auditorium numbers, ratings, and more in an attractive and easily readable fashion. Also integrated with your box office system, our box office displays can dynamically change as your day changes. Add a show time? No problem. Move a title from auditorium #5 to auditorium #8? Sure! Show sold out? We can let your customers know automatically.
Custom Displays
Digital Coca-Cola Fountain Display
This beautifully bright, clear LCD display is designed to be installed on the front of any 23´┐? 4, 6, or 8 valve server-pour soda fountain. The LED backlit laser engraved logo can be customized to reflect your brand or message. The content can be driven from an internal media player, or the device can be networked for remote content management. It´┐Żs shipped as a retrofit kit and can be customer installed in less than 15 minutes.

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We Made It EASY!
Digital Dining Software is intuitive´┐Żeven training has been a made easier with on screen prompts to guide the server throughout.
We Made It FAST!
Speed at the POS is critical to a restaurant's success. When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.
Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.
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