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Does your restaurant have a retail wine, bakery, or gift store? In addition to Digital Dining�s extensive food service features, we also have features that support the retail component of your operations, all in a single system. With support for up to 999,999 items, including bar-coded items, we can meet the most demanding retail situations. A single system means simplified maintenance and daily operations. From end-of-day cash reconciliation, credit card batches and sales reporting, do it once in a single system. Mix and match with bar codes and touch screens, multiple profit centers and food, beverage, and retail items on one check with separate subtotals or separate checks. Complete your system with integrated credit card service, security camera interface, and handhelds with bar code readers.
Single Database for All Items
With Digital Dining, you can create records for up to 999,999 items, including menu items for the dining areas and gift items for the retail areas, within a single database. This centralized database provides simpler and easier maintenance of items from all areas of the restaurant.
Multiple Separate Profit Centers
Digital Dining allows you to define as many separate retail profit centers as your restaurant requires, which can provide you with more specialized system management and detailed reporting capabilities.
Flatbed Scanners
Digital Dining can support counter-integrated flatbed scanners for scanning grocery items to speed up operations in your retail area. Some flatbed scanners can emit a warning tone to alert cashiers that they have an �out of stock� or �not on file� item that requires manual entry.
Food & Retail Items on One Check
Digital Dining can print food, beverage, and retail items on a single check, allowing customers to quickly purchase gifts and souvenirs at a cashier/retail counter register after dining.
Integrated Credit Card
Servers and cashiers can accept credit cards for partial payments, split a check between multiple customers, and authorize a sale by simply swiping the card after placing the order.
Features Benefits
Barcode Format Managers can identify large parties to ensure they receive extra attention (with special tables, menus, and specific requests).
Transfer Checks You can search for existing reservations by name, date, time, confirmation number, or special event. When you edit a reservation, the POS verifies the available seats again to ensure the revisions can be honored.
Security Camera Interface Unique confirmation numbers are issued for each reservation, enabling customers and hosts to identify reservations quickly.
Handheld POS with Bar Code Scanners When entering a reservation for a frequent diner, you can save time by using the standard frequent diner search features to find the customer�s name and contact information and add it to the new reservation.

We Made It EASY!

Digital Dining Software is intuitive�even training has been a made easier with on screen prompts to guide the server throughout.

We Made It FAST!

Speed at the POS is critical to a restaurant's success. When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.


Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.

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