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Take the Mystery out of Running a Restaurant

The real breakthrough in Posiq is connecting activity within your POS to a specific customer and/or promotion. This critical feature reveals incredible data on what your customers are doing, how often, and what messages and offers they are actually responding to. The more your guests participate in the loyalty program and mobile offers, the more data you benefit from.


Track Your Guests Learn more about your customers. Which products they like, how often they come in, even their name and birthday. Posiqs Loyalty solution automatically tracks all this data and more.


Track Social Keep track of every post, every tweet, and every online offer. Posiqs tracking links automate this process gathering up phone numbers and response rates with ease.


Track Affinity Make your own custom lists for guests to join so you can communicate with them around the topic they are interested in. Sports teams. Fine wine. Craft Beer. Be as creative as you like. Posiq will track the number of guests on each list, and their activity.


Track Advertising If you spend money on advertising, its a good idea to track the results. Posiq can track the performance of any ad right down to the dollars spent in your restaurant. If you spend $400 on an advertisement, wouldnt it be great to know how many new customers it drove in, and how much they spent?


Amazing Analytics and Reports

With all of the critical data that Posiq is tracking for your business, it only makes sense that you have some way to review the results. The Posiq Manager application shows you all of the data in a real time dashboard, and you can also use the reporting studio to have custom reports sent to your email or mobile phone on any schedule you like.


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We Made It EASY!

Digital Dining Software is intuitiveeven training has been a made easier with on screen prompts to guide the server throughout.

We Made It FAST!

Speed at the POS is critical to a restaurant's success. When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.


Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.

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