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Loose the Card - Use the Phone

With mobile phones now commonplace and always in the hands of your guests, why not take advantage of this phenomenon and build a relationship with them using that phone number (traditional land line phones are supported too.) No need for anybody to fill out a form to join the program and you staff doesnt have to enter any data into the POS. Everything is automatic. Your guest simply sends a text message to join and the system will track that unique phone number going forward.


Easy Order Tracking

Posiqs Loyalty system makes it easy to track every order that your guest makes, even across multiple business locations. Forget handing over a card to the cashier or server. With Posiq, the guest can text in their order number by themselves, saving your staff precious time. Its super easy. Note: for phone challenged guests, the server can track the order at the POS terminal on behalf of the customer. 


Cool Web Interface

There are a few people out there that prefer to use the Internet to register and interact with your loyalty program. Posiq provides a rich interface for this that easily plugs into your own existing web site. This interface allows guests to see what awards you have defined, how they are tracking, and what awards they have already earned.

Lets get Personal

Posiq tracks all of your guests activity based on their mobile number (or land line number). We can make the experience a bit more personal when the customer tells us more about themselves. Posiq automates this process by occasionally sending an invitation to fill out a small form using their phone or your web site, in return for some incentive like a free dessert or appetizer. Once this form is completed, all correspondence now includes the customers first name. 


Automated Awards

Using Posiq's Loyalty Studio you can quickly define a variety of awards for your guests based on how much they spend, the products they purchase, or even their connection to a fundraiser. Real time reporting will show you how your guests are tracking, and which awards are being utilized or expiring unused. (properly designed awards to frequent diners will generate more business.) Best of all, these awards are sent automatically. No staff involvement whatsoever.


Points Based Awards Points are automatically awarded to your customer based upon their final payment on a tracked order, exclusive of taxes. When they spend $22, they get 22 points. The loyalty Studio allows you to quickly define a 'loyalty ladder' which tells Posiq what to do as when the guest crosses each point threshold. Once you set the rules,the customer tracks their own orders, and the systems issues their earned awards it's all 100% automatic..


Item based awards (virtual punch card) When using item based awards, you can specify a specific item or item group within the POS and a corresponding purchase volume required for an award. For example, purchase 10 sub sandwichesand the next one is free. Or purchase 10 Bud Lights, and the next Bud's for you on us.


Fundraiser Tracking Some of your guests will be interested in becoming a frequent diner knowing that a portion of their spending will be applied to a fundraiser or charity. You may establish any number of funds in the loyalty system, together with a specified percentage, and payout schedule. For example; Text in TIGER and 5% of every dollar you spend on tracked orders will be given to the Tigers Little League team in Willow Glen. After tracking each order, the guest is told about their contribution, and the funds raised overall. If you want your restaurant filled with families, this is a great program to promote with local schools, children's teams, etc.  


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Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.

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