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We�ve taken the labor out of Labor Scheduling. What used to take hours required constant revisions and didn�t always accommodate staff availability has been simplified with DIGITAL DINING. Schedules are enforced as your staff clock in, requiring manager approval for early or late clock ins. Our Fingerprint ID ensures no �buddy� clock ins, dramatically reducing labor costs.DIGITAL DINING matches your staff�s skills and availability to your projected needs � producing the optimum schedule. Definable report generators allow you to create unlimited schedules, add �promised shifts,� and instantly compare actual to expected costs. Lowering labor costs and increasing your bottom line � is truly a labor you�ll love!
Back Office Integration
No double entries with Digital Dining, where staff ratings, departments, and other valuable information is shared seamlessly between Digital Dining�s core Back Office programs and the Labor Scheduling program.
Detailed Reporting
Digital Dining wrote the book on POS reporting, and Labor Scheduling is no exception. Definable report generators allow you to create a virtually unlimited variety of schedule postings, expected labor cost (including overtime analysis) reports, and actual vs. expected labor cost reports that highlight variances.
POS Integration
We�ve integrated the Labor Scheduling program with the POS, allowing you to enforce schedules at the Clock In screen. You can require a manager�s approval for early and late clock-ins and clock-outs. Combining dynamic security controls with Digital Dining�s innovative fingerprint identification technology, you can realize dramatic labor cost savings.
Schedule Budgets
Digital Dining provides a wide array of customer reward options. The restaurant can reward customers with coupons generated automatically at the POS, coupons printed in the back office and mailed to customers, or store credit that is redeemable for future purchases.
Features Benefits
Schedule Enforcement When staff clock in or out, the POS forces them (within definable limits) to work within the scheduled shift.
Manager Overrides Managers can easily override an enforced schedule to clock in unscheduled staff and quickly resolve labor scheduling problems on the floor.
Copy Budgets After you create an initial labor budget, you can use that budget as a template to quickly create alternate budgets for holidays and special dates.
Copy Schedules If your schedules usually change only slightly from one week to the next, you can easily copy an existing schedule, quickly revise it, and then use it as a future schedule.

We Made It EASY!

Digital Dining Software is intuitive�even training has been a made easier with on screen prompts to guide the server throughout.

We Made It FAST!

Speed at the POS is critical to a restaurant's success. When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.


Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.

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