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ePic Direct Kitchen Video System  
Simple, Effective, Affordable.
QSR�s ePic Direct kitchen video system is designed specifically for local and regional operators who do not require the same deep software feature sets that larger chains use, but would still appreciate the advantages of using kitchen displays rather than relying on printers.
Created with a subset of QSR�s proven and flexible ePic Kitchen Display Software (KDS) functionality that is completely embedded on a highly reliable ePic video controller, ePic Direct provides an attractively priced, simple to implement all-in-one, plug-and-play kitchen management system. And because the ePic Direct software is completely embedded on the controller, the operator experiences the benefits of a kitchen video system without the requirement for additional software to be installed in the restaurant.

ePic Direct takes advantage of the port and information from the point-of-sale typically used for a serial printer in order to display and manage orders in a preset format on kitchen monitors. The ePic Direct system is connected to the master point-of-sale terminal or any point-of-sale terminal that the operator wishes to drive a kitchen monitor.

Because ePic Direct uses the point-of-sale information, all routing of orders and items to the kitchen displays is based on the point-of-sale data. The embedded ePic Direct software provides the choice of a 4�2 or 4�1 fixed grid view, each with a standard keypad setup. The operator can choose from three color modes, and perform critical actions such as bump, recall, and scroll. Configurable ticket types � for quick service or table service � as well as definable screen titles determine the header information that is displayed. Furthermore, specific point-of-sale integrations can drive additional information to the kitchen displays, including header information such as cashier name and table number. For improved speed of service, the operator can define priority and rush times. Most important, ePic Direct displays average order times in real-time.

Operators who replace printers with the ePic Direct system not only improve efficiencies in the restaurant, but also reduce consumables and maintenance costs. And because the system is based on QSR�s successful ePic controller and ePic KDS, the operator further benefits from an easy upgrade path to a higher level of functionality if needed.


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