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EP-125NK Cash Drawer

The EP-125NK electronic cash drawer is the industry standard for under-counter mounting. It has 4 small holes in the top for mounting, but can also be used above the counter.

  • Industry standard fo runder the counter mounting
  • Thick Steel Construction with stainless steel front
  • Black, off white or brown powder coated finish
  • Manual release key-lock at right front
  • Standard ABS plastic 5 coin/5 bill removable money tray insert
  • Stainless steel money clip
  • Bottom exit detachable cable with strong DB9 Connection
  • Compulsory Switch
  Dimension   18.8" W X 15.2" L X 4.58" H *4.11"(H) without rubber feet
  Warranty   2 Years
  Ship Weight   Approx. 26 lbs.
  Drawer Release Solenoid   12v or 24v
  Available:   Wired for any receipt printer, ERC/POS system, or computer interface


CR3110 Series Cash Drawers

Posiflex�s CR311X series cash drawer has a patented screw less tamper-resistant design for added security. It also has a special feature that cushions drawer slams, reducing vibration to surrounding electronic devices. With durable metal construction, the CR3100 series is a low profile, compact drawer with high reliability and strength [MCBF 1 million open/close]. The coin and bill compartments are adjustable and a locking tray cover is available. A 3-position key lock provides additional security and convenience. A universal cable allows for use with major brand receipt printers.

  • �Screw less� innovative design
  • Adjustable bill/coin compartments
  • Advanced mechanical design to extend the MTBF to 1,000,000 times
  • Precision machining assures wobble-free drawer movement
  • Check slot for non-cash or high denomination currency transactions
  • Three level lock for maximum cash security
  • Open-drawer indicator output
  • Supported interfaces include: USB and printer driven
  Dimension   (W x D x H) 40 cm (15.7�) x 41.5 cm (16.3�) x 9 cm (3.5�)
  Weight   6.7Kgs (15lbs)
  Exterior Finish   Polyester paint, textured, scratch resistant, black color
  Plastic Materials   94V-0
  Electrical Requirements
  Solenoid Input   CR3110: 12VDC to 24VDC @ 1A, 100~200 msec.
  Security Code   <07>, <17>
  Reliability Information
  MCBF   CR311X - 1,000,000 open-close/ min. @ 2.2kg load
  Paper note clip test - MCBF   1,000,000 open-close/ min.
  Key lock test - MCBF   1,000,000 cycles/ min.

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