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Digital Dining�s Accounts Receivable area efficiently processes invoices, statements and payments and allows you to monitor the status of all accounts. This easy-to-use program allows you to maintain corporate accounts, employee accounts, trade accounts, house charges, and so on.
The Accounts Receivable area of the Digital Dining program includes procedures to:
  • Maintain up to ten thousand different accounts
  • Automatically post sales to accounts
  • Apply credit limits to accounts
  • Require a manager to approve the use of selected accounts
  • Enter batches of invoices and payments
  • Enter journal transactions
  • Apply finance charges and recurring charges
  • Age outstanding account balances
  • Generate daily and monthly audit trails
  • Report customer account sales and balances
  • Report individual transactions and customer account activity
  • Produce detailed transaction reports for virtually any period of time
  • Generate monthly account statements
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Maintain account types
Flexibility and control are the key ingredients of the Menu area of the Digital Dining program. Not only will your point-of-sale screens be designed for maximum ordering efficiency, but Digital Dining will maintain accurate records of all menu transactions, making analysis quick and easy.
The Menu area of the Digital Dining program allows you to:
  • Maintain over ninety nine thousand menu items
  • Use unlimited chains of modifiers
  • Maintain five price levels for a single menu item (for example, different prices for Happy Hour and Sunday Brunch)
  • Assign an easily identified icon to a menu item that will be displayed on a button at the point of sale
  • Maintain preparation instructions for use at the point of sale
  • Record plate costs and cost percentages for each price level
  • Apply up to four different tax rates
  • Record historical information on �memo� tabs for each menu item
  • Determine which menu items and modifiers are sent to the various preparation printers
  • Easily design ordering windows
  • Interface to our inventory area of the Digital Dining program for complete cost control
  • Maintain menu item recipes with an unlimited number of ingredient items
  • Analyze menu item sales, costs and profits with user-definable reports
  • Make changes to large numbers of menu items quickly
  • Review critical sales information for individual menu items
  • Print menu item lists, price lists and modifier lists
  • Produce in-depth menu item reports by sales type and prep type
  • Report exceptions for high or low volume, high or low cost, or any combination
  • Export all menu item reports to other applications (such as word processors or spreadsheets)
Essential staff information is maintained and updated in Digital Dining�s Staff area. The program�s features can be used to analyze productivity, provide time and attendance information for payroll, and have each staff member�s pertinent information at your fingertips.
Staff Member Maintenance allows you to:
  • Make staff member records active or inactive
  • Rate staff members according to their ability and performance
  • Record and maintain availability for individual staff members
  • Assign staff members to up to eight different staff departments
  • Record historical information on �memo� tabs for each staff member
  • Provide complete sales and tip history for each staff member
  • Review declared tips, charge tips and sales for individual staff members
  • Send e-mail messages to individual staff members or to selected groups of staff members
  • Edit and report time and attendance transactions
  • Export payroll data to external payroll programs or payroll services
  • Print lists of staff members
  • Print sales analysis reports
  • Monitor who is clocked in at any time
  • Report gross labor costs
  • Maintain staff departments and groups
  • Maintain up to ninety-nine different security positions, with different levels of system access
This powerful tool will immediately become invaluable to managers and owners alike. With Digital Dining�s �slice it any way you like� report generator, you can define customized reports based on the historical files to meet your specific needs. These reports provide up-to-the-minute data, and can be defined and saved or used on a one-time basis. The report generator uses all the information from the point of sale to produce detailed reports about every type of transaction.
The Register Reports include procedures to:
  • Generate customized receipt reports by receipt type, register, profit center, or day of the week
  • Generate customized sales reports by sales type, preparation type, preparation group, profit center, or day of the week
  • Generate detailed discount and charge reports
  • Generate customized void reports by void type, by staff member or by time range
  • Generate detailed labor reports, including labor costs for each staff department, for each staff department group, or as a grand total
  • Generate customized security reports showing password usage
  • Generate detailed sales tax reports
  • Process the registers and produce detailed daily reports about every aspect of the point of sale
  • Maintain history files for a virtually unlimited period of time
With Digital Dining, your credit card transactions can all be conducted from the point of sale and reported directly to your bank, reducing the potential for error and eliminating the need for re-posting. End-of-day reports are easily obtained, simplifying one of your most critical procedures.
The Credit Card module allows you to:
  • Enter credit card information by hand or using a card reader
  • Pre-authorize charges for bar customers
  • Verify charges directly from the point of sale, without interrupting service
  • Use only one processing modem
  • Post authorized batches of credit cards
  • Track sales and sales history separately for each card type
  • Generate daily reports for each card type

We Made It EASY!

Digital Dining Software is intuitive�even training has been a made easier with on screen prompts to guide the server throughout.

We Made It FAST!

Speed at the POS is critical to a restaurant's success. When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit.


Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Digital Dining provides accuracy and flexibility effortlessly.. leaving no room for errors.

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